Heritage Turkey Project of Sonoma County

A community project co-sponsored by Slow Food Russian River encouraging youth in Agriculture


Welcome to the Heritage Turkey Project new website! 

2020 has been quite a year, and we hope you are all doing well under the circumstances. We are thankful to say that the Heritage Turkey Project is very much alive and well and ready to offer you beautiful organically fed Heritage Turkeys for your Thanksgiving table!

2020 marks the beginning of our 15th season of the Heritage Turkey project. The project averages between 9 to 12 youth each year growing a total of approximately 200 turkeys. Our project leaders are active breeders of heritage turkeys and some of our 4-H and FFA youth are now raising breeding pairs and hatching their own birds. Each project member raises their small flock of birds on their own property and shoulder the responsibility of providing their feed and care. 

This project has brought awareness to our community, our farmers, and our future farmers about the preservation of heritage breeds, sustainable farming, and responsible animal husbandry. The turkey project offers our young growers valuable, hands-on involvement in a viable, real-market setting. When you buy your food locally, you support family farms and local farmland for future generations.